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Landmark Theatres said tonight that the New York premiere of Sony’s controversial comedy The Interview has been canceled. The event was set for Thursday night at the Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side. Earlier tonight, Sony had told exhibitors that they could pull the Seth Rogen-James Franco pic if they were worried about the terrorist threat issued this morning by the group that attacked Sony Pictures. Carmike Cinemas was the first chain to say it wouldn’t screen The Interview.
. . .

Carmike Cinemas will not to show the Sony comedy The Interview, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter. 

The decision followed new threats from hackers issued Tuesday. During discussions with theater owners during the course of the day, Sony Pictures told exhibitors who had booked The Interview that it planned to move forward with the movie's release, but that they were free to decide not to show the film, and that the studio would support them in whatever decision they made.

Carmike's headquarters are in Columbus, Ga. It operates 278 theaters and 2,917 screens in 41 states.

Well, this has turned into a mess. Congrats to Rogan and Franco for making the most important film of the 21st century.

NATO released new satellite images on Thursday, 28 August 2014, that show Russian combat forces engaged in military operations inside the sovereign territory of Ukraine. The images, captured in late August, depict Russian self-propelled artillery units moving in a convoy through the Ukrainian countryside and then preparing for action by establishing firing positions in the area of Krasnodon, Ukraine.

Dutch Brigadier General Nico Tak, director of the Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Centre (CCOMC), Allied Command Operations said the images confirmed what NATO and its Allies had been seeing for weeks from other sources.

"Over the past two weeks we have noted a significant escalation in both the level and sophistication of Russia's military interference in Ukraine," said Brigadier General Tak. "The satellite images released today provide additional evidence that Russian combat soldiers, equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry, are operating inside Ukraine's sovereign territory," he said.

These latest images provide concrete examples of Russian activity inside Ukraine, but are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the overall scope of Russian troop and weapons movements.

"We have also detected large quantities of advanced weapons, including air defence systems, artillery, tanks, and armoured personnel carriers being transferred to separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine," said Brigadier General Tak. "The presence of these weapons along with substantial numbers of Russian combat troops inside Ukraine make the situation increasingly grave," he said.

Also released were images showing substantial activity inside Russia in areas adjacent to the border with Ukraine. NATO believes this activity is being conducted in direct support to forces operating inside Ukraine, and is part of a highly coordinated and destabilising strategy.

 "Russia is reinforcing and resupplying separatist forces in a blatant attempt to change the momentum of the fighting, which is currently favouring the Ukrainian military," Brigadier General Tak said. "Russia's ultimate aim is to alleviate pressure on separatist fighters in order to prolong this conflict indefinitely, which would result in further tragedy for the people of Eastern Ukraine," he added.

The source of the images is an independent firm named Digital Globe. The images have not been altered or changed by NATO. Additional information has been added to identify locations, dates and equipment. DigitalGlobe images can be independently verified:

Well, hopefully this'll put paid to claims that the "seperatists" are just an independent group of rebels. Or maybe we're just in for some Olympics-level gymnastics from Russia and the conspiracy theorists who eat up everything they say.…

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) tapped at least one phone call of the then Foreign Minister of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, the German government ordered to spy on a NATO partner. According to "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (SZ), NDR and WDR, this is the result from documents handed over to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by a BND spy. Markus R., who was arrested in July, confessed in the meantime to have forwarded at least 218 documents to the USA within the last two years.

USA uses the information in the dispute on US spying activities in Germany
The German government is by now aware of the sensitive nature of parts of these documents and the dimensions of the damage caused. Thus USA have now started to use the information provided by Markus R. in the current dispute on US spying activities in Germany. They consider Clinton's tapped phone call as prove that Germany also spied on the US. The US Foreign Minister John Kerry is said to have confronted the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier with this matter. Denis McDonough, US President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff is alleged to have addressed the wiretapping when visiting the German Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier.

German government sources deny systematic spying on the USA

However, German government sources deny systematic spying on the USA by the BND. Instead, the phone call made by Clinton during her term from a US government aircraft was intercepted unintentionally. The fact that the recording wasn't deleted immediately was called "idiocy" by a member of the government in Berlin. However, Clinton is supposedly not the only one: apparently, phone calls by US politicians and from other friendly nations have been repeatedly recorded and submitted to the respective BND President as instructed. According to government sources, it has never been intentional eavesdropping. Since summer of last year, an instruction by the Chancellery orders the immediate deletion of such material.

Secret statement specifies which countries are to be spied on
Markus R. submitted to the CIA a copy of the "Mission Statement of the Federal Government" (APB) for the German Intelligence Service, which is by now considered as similarly controversial in Berlin. It was issued in 2009 and is still valid. The statement specifies which topics the BND is to take care of and which countries are to be spied on. According to SZ, NDR and WDR the USA are not among them, but a NATO country for quite some years.

The Parliamentary Control Panel of the German Bundestag meanwhile requested the documents forwarded by Markus R., in order to gain an overview on the caused damage. In the German government it is being discussed to withhold the Mission Statement due to its particular need for protection. To date, the members of the Parliament don’t know the content of this paper. Upon request by NDR, WDR and SZ, the German government declined to comment due to the ongoing investigations against Markus R.

Hahaha, and after all that public whining and white knighting. Cheeky bastards. So we can stop whining about sovereign nations spying on each other now? Shit isn't new, the only thing that's changed is the methods.
Congress was shocked Thursday when a Syrian defector recounted how he documented Assad’s killing of over 11,000 innocents. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, according to ‘Caesar.’

The regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad is holding 150,000 civilians in custody, all of whom are at risk of being tortured or killed by the state, the Syrian defector known as “Caesar” told Congress Thursday.

According to a senior State Department official, his department initially asked to keep this hearing -- in which Caesar displayed new photos from his trove of 55,000 images showing the torture, starvation, and death of over 11,000 civilians -- closed to the public, out of concerns for the safety of the defector and his family. Caesar smuggled the pictures out of Syria when he fled last year in fear for his life. Caesar’s trip had been in the works for months.

. . . 

The packed committee room sat in silent horror as new examples of Assad’s atrocities were splashed on the large television screens on the wall and displayed on large posterboards littered throughout the hearing room. Caesar spoke softly to his translator, Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director of the Syrian American Task Force, a Washington-based organization that works with both the Syrian opposition and the U.S. State Department.

“I am not a politician and I don’t like politics,” Caesar said through his translator. “I have come to you honorable Congress to give you a message from the people of Syria… What is going on in Syria is a genocidal massacre that is being led by the worst of all the terrorists, Bashar al Assad.”

The international community must do something now or the 150,000 civilians still held in regime custody could meet the same bleak fate, Caesar said. America had been known as a country that protected civilians from atrocities, he argued, referring to past humanitarian crises such as ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia.

“These bodies that we have (in the photos)… no one here can bring their life back to them, but I am here to tell you there is more than 150,000 people still incarcerated in the jails of Bashar al Assad and their fate will be the same fate as those who I have taken pictures of,” he said. That figure could not be independently verified.

. . . 

“We rarely get smoking gun evidence in my business… but what we found was just that,” said Crane. “The photos show crimes the likes of which we have not seen since Auschwitz.”

Link to images (WARNING: Graphic). For those who want to skip the link, it shows emaciated prisoners naked lying on the ground or dead, with torture marks all over body.

I didn't expect it to be actually be comparable to the Holocaust, but it really looks like someone just took Auschwitz photos in color. Absolutely grotesque. Hopefully this spurs some action.
Malaysia airlines crash map by TheRedSnifit
Malaysia airlines crash map
By looking at where the plane exploded, and then drawing a circle around it as large as the radius of the missile used to downed it minus the plane's flight altitude (42km-10km=32km), we find that we are still within the separatist area (or Russia).
Mike Fireball, the guy who wrote the article that inspired my username, commented on my Twitter:…

This is a huge milestone in my life. Really. Feel happy for me, jerks.
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